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Thứ Sáu, 24 tháng 12, 2010

Chi no sweet home 1-10

1. Why Chi no sweet home now?
Ans: Cuz it's cute.
2. What about Card Captor Sakura?
Ans: It'll be done soon, so don't worry.
3. I saw some other fansubs have already...
Ans: Don't worry, we will finish them soon.
4. How fast?
Ans: About 10 episodes per time. And don't even bothering asking me how long is "time" cuz it's depends on my mood.
5. Direct links and Megaupload?
Ans: Direct links will last only for several days so grap it quick. And please don't dig up old post with your comment "why direct link doesn't work..." or so.
6. Why no Opening?
Ans: Cuz it's suck to put opening to every 2 minutes episodes. Waste of bandwidth and time cuz you surely don't want to watch OP every 2 minutes.

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Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 12, 2010

Card Captor Sakura 46

Card Captor Sakura 46 (19/12/2010)

Cây gậy phép mới với sức mạnh ánh sao

さくらと最後の審判 - Sakura to saigo no shinban - Sakura và Phán quyết cuối cùng

CardCaptor Sakura 46



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